Sunday, January 18, 2015


 Saturday went for a walk with friend Patty along Duck Creek in Davenport, Iowa.  There is a lovely paved trail along the creek.  Walked for about an hour and a half, out and back.  It was sponsored by her walking club. Afterwards they had potato soup and goodies provided.  It was a great time, good food and company.  Was a tiny bit sore today, not used to doing anything but housework and sitting in front of TV, this Winter.  This is going to change drastically when we get home!!
I know, I know, said this before, but for real this time.  Have got to get something out of that gym membership I am paying for monthly  :)  And I signed for another term of yoga too, and have to start that on Wednesday's.  Never have a problem with that, tho as I DO enjoy the yoga classes.
We are leaving Tomorrow to start back home.  The roads look clear between there and here, so no probs....

Take Care All & God Bless!!!


  1. Loved visiting with you and Brian. Thanks for taking the walk with me as well. Till next year........

  2. My Mom used to make the est and tastiest potato soup! Hearing you mention it makes me crave some.

    You're right about using the gym membership that you're paying for. I try to work out 3 nights a week, and have been going to walk the treadmill on the off days. But for some reason, every time is like the first time and I have such achy joints afterwards!

  3. Hello, I saw noticed your blog over at Gypsy's. I see you are from Redmond, Oregon. My husband and I moved from southern CA. to Sweet Home, Or just over a year ago. I have recently started a Zumba class at the gym. I have to get the spare tires off my waist.. Not good! So join the club.

    1. You have read a lot of books.. I have not read a single book in ages.. I used to work in a library.I think I need to do something about my lack of! My husband did just finish Wild,,it was a major feat for him..Yay!

    2. Goodness!! Don't know what I would do if I did not read??? always have something at hand and love transporting myself to another world :)