Tuesday, February 17, 2015

budding, booty n bible

Things are budding out here, lilacs.. things in garden, herbs, are coming up.  Lots of crocus! Daffies are up about 6 inches.  It is just an exciting time.  Worked in the yard, getting all the dead stalks and leaves into the yard garbage bin.  Raked under the huge fir tree out front getting all the little dead needles up.  Have gotten a couple bags of cones.
Luci and I walk most every day and she is doing well on her weight loss in two weeks lost 1.1#  for a little dog that is good! Getting definition in her waist area.  Her hanging tummy looks smaller too. And she does not act like she is starving all the time. Still very interested in any food that is around tho  :)  I cook up carrots for her and Carl, to go into her food bowl, it is a good filler and good for them too. But the walks do her in and she really sleeps after that!  :) Like she never slept before.... she sleeps all the time, with short bursts of energy to go outside for relief....
So, things are going along.  Started a bible study class/group today on Gideon.. the speaker, Priscilla Shirer (on video) is very passionate and dynamic.  Am hoping on learning a lot.  It is a 13 week course.  It is interesting how they can find so much to talk about, as Gideon is only covers 3 chapters in Judges!!
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I can still remember some of my dad's sermons about Gideon from my childhood. Lots to learn there.

    I need to put Jewel on a diet. She is the original "Hoover" - vacuums the floor looking for a dropped tidbit!! She has a bad knee so getting her enough exercise is a problem. Glad to hear Luci is doing well.

  2. I am so jealous. We still have snow, turned to ice, on the ground and the wind chill has us about 20 below zero. Oh for a couple of warm sunny days. Glad you are enjoying the study on Gideon.

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures of all your buds. Spring is such a glorious time. Glad to hear Luci is dropping some weight. I'll bet she feels better.