Friday, February 27, 2015


Luci has apparently been biding her time.... been a good doggie for a really long time. Time enough to think that she has 'turned a corner', 'learned a lesson', 'grown up'... not so much.  Time enough for us to grow complacent.  I close Brian's bedroom door when he is gone so I don't have to look in there or try to keep Luci out.... as no matter how often I  explain, yell, whatever.... he does not keep his clothes off the floor.  He came home, last night, went to his room (this is like midnight, I am in bed) gave the dogs a milk bone, then went to his little space in the garage, (to smoke) leaving the bedroom door open, as he is wont to do.... and Luci took advantage... went in there, dumped over his clothes basket, got a pair of shorts, and tore them to shreds, peed on the floor, then went and hid.  :)
He laid the shorts in my chair for me to find this morning.... and explained what happened the night before...  :)  he was still upset.... well geez..... close the door!!!
She is in the doghouse, bad dog.... slinks about with her ears down, from one place to another.. she knows she did something, people are not kind to her and look meant at her, but apparently it is not enough to change or mind (I can't even begin to tell you how often this has happened, even to guests staying with us, or at other peoples houses, now that is embarassing!!! There is NO changing her, so I try to accommodate and have her surroundings so that she is NOT tempted.... appears to not work.  Then sometimes she will not do it for a really loooong time, leaving a person relaxed and complacent.

This was the most exciting thing to happen in our household in some time, so worthy of reporting  ;0

Take Care All  (here's hoping your pets are all well trained... unlike mine!!)


  1. You did not mention the Christmas present she got from me one year!!

  2. Wow that's amazing. I had puppies that would do that but not a fully grown dog. I can't for the life of me imagine what she likes about doing it.

  3. Sounds like you need to take another little trip if that's the highlight of your week. ;) Bad Luci!

  4. I bet she is banking on being forgiven if only she looks sad enough:)

  5. Sounds naughty, but dogs always have a reason for doing what they do. To find out why you have to think like a dog. Do you think she might have some issues with Brian or maybe she is just wanting to "mark" her territory. There is a wonderful resource in your area, Dr. Elizabeth Gray She used to be in Eugene and is working with my Ollie. She recommended a trainer here in Eugene and I know she knows some in your area. She is great and it is well worth it to have some help with training. Ollie has made remarkable progress and I'm thinking she could figure out what drives Luci. It's worth it - Good Luck!!

  6. Poor Luci - something is definitely going on. It's hard when they misbehave like that, we don't know why, and what can you do? Do you think it might have something to do with Brian's dog? Is she jealous of Brian and other people you are around whose things she tore up? You know she loves you so much - poor baby, let her out of the doghouse. :)

  7. Dachshunds are so possessive I have to think she resents Brian. Or it could be that she just thought it was fun. And since Brian KNOWS she does this, I personally think it's his fault for not closing the door. At her age, you probably aren't going to change her (I don't think you can ever change a dachshund). They are what they are. Skittlez has had nothing but love and attention since she was a pup and she is still afraid of everything and everybody. No more doghouse for Luci.

  8. Did you tell them that she has been doing this all her life and it isn't something new

    1. She is a hound, weird things are to be expected and I think Sandie is right, you are never going to change them, stubborn little things they are!!