Sunday, February 1, 2015

Elk Mtn, WY

Promised a picture of Elk Mtn, WY... an area that I am like to drive thru, and see every time I head to Iowa.. Look forward to seeing this area.  This was 1-6-15 heading East. Medicene Bow Valley/River is just past it. 
On the way back home on the  19th noticed that the rest area near here was closed.  It was the only one for quite a ways too! Wonder if it was just because  of the weather and maybe frozen or something else.

Really nothing here, am sure there are critters we just can't see.  But no towns, cities, villages, rest areas.. just sage brush and some pines higher up.  No stores, shopping, people to relate to, just desolation, your own thoughts.... quiet.....Lots of snow/wind and cold....
Take Care All


  1. the first picture is gorgeous, the rest are great too but love the first one

  2. Beautiful photos. We haven't seen a lot of WY but what we did see was beautiful and rugged.

  3. That first picture is great - you ought to do something with it - everyone says.....

  4. These are beautiful pictures. It sure looks cold. I would love to go hiking in such a peopleless place in warmer weather.