Saturday, February 21, 2015


This was the BEST!!!  Such a good story, a true story.. about a man discovering the good in himself and his place in the world and of young men accepting leadership and a way to their destiny. 1987 is the time period, a poor community came together to help this team and they ended up winning the state championship 9 years out of 14, which is a hard thing in the state of California as it is a BIG state with lots of schools!!!  This first team, the guys ALL went on to go to college (when none in their families had ever gotten past 9th grade) and still come back to run with the team in their workouts... what a legacy!!!

Also watched St Vincent on video on demand and THAT was a GOOD story also with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy and the cutest little boy ever!!!  No wonder Bill Murray was up for an academy award last year (isn't that right?)  good, good movie.

Take Care All

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