Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Day

 You know, I can only do like one thing a day!!! or so it seems.  And I feel put upon to do that!  Yesterday I took a really good long nap, seems lately like I need to do that at least once or twice a week to catch up, so to say, like I ever over work and need the extra sleep... haha.  So today I  Got the taxes done, at the senior center.... yes, yes.... I am cheap, but my taxes are not really that difficult, I just can't figure them out is all.... and why pay $200 to have them done, when I can get it done for nothing?  so that is done and do NOT owe $2500 this year, only $125 to  the feds and next year the fed taxes will be taken out of the soc sec all year, so should be on the plus side  :)  or one can only hope!!!
Missed my bible study, as appts conflicted and the AARP people were way behind in their scheduling, so had to go to the church to watch the lecture, all by myself.... to play catch up.  I made the tax appt way before I signed up for the study and had to make that choice as had to have that done!! 
Cleaned the toilets, went to grocery store... did not get any yard work done, but I feel rather wimpy for some reason and the weather is a bit chilly and windy, so who wants to be out in that? Can wait for nicer weather to hoe out weeds... ran some laundry thru..... so look!!! seems like I can do more than one thing, right?  Keeps me busy, busy busy
Starting Kristen Hannah "the Nightingale"  finished the book I had already read, maybe this time I can remember it, it is twisty, maybe that is why I could not remember it???  Who knows?  Harlan Coben "Missing You" a good read, many things happening, multiple story lines.

So hope are all well out there, Take Care and God Bless


  1. You did quite bit today so yes you earned a nap.

  2. I used to have AARP do my taxes, but now my daughter does it for me. To think I was so sharp at one time I did my own!

  3. That sounds like a lot more than one thing in a day:)