Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Carl had another 'episode' today... only lasted about half an hour, then he was back to where he was.. after laying in his bed for awhile....
I suppose this will just happen on a recurring basis and frequency in the future. It is very sad to see.  Brian just seems to treasure the time they have each day.
Carl continues to go 'in and out' and lay in the sun now and again and sleep a lot, which he always did anyway  :)
Poor old soul.......


  1. I feel so sad for Carl, and for you. Our pets give us so much joy and love, but they don't stay with us long. I'm sending him a big hug and a pat on the head!

  2. It is sooo hard to see our pets getting older and having more and more problems. We love them so much. Be sure to give Carl and Brian hugs from us.

  3. Oh I hate to hear this about Carl. How old is he? I never think of him as elderly. Wish I could give him a big hug!

    1. Carl is 8 years old.... English bulldogs are not long lived, mainly due to their build and breathing problems.. he is in excellent shape too, never has been overweight...

  4. I am sure he is going to enjoy his remaining time:)