Sunday, March 1, 2015

Am Choosing

I am choosing to go with what I DID do rather than not for the day  :)
Cleaned house, laundry, dogs in and out.. even made me a dinner from scratch, no tv dinner  haha.. AND I did a multi-media project that I had in mind...  it is of our trip to Iowa and Chicago, corn stubble in the foreground, right , traffic into and out of Chicago.. the Sears/Willits Tower, with the two sky boxes, the snow and blue, blue sky of the day....   and Brian kept saying everything was 'gnarley"  the 103 floors/elevator up, the snowy/slick roads, all the corn stubble for mile and miles through 3 states .. all the views from the top of the tower of the traffic in and out of the city... it was ALL 'gnarley"  (this picture was taken when I was midway done, there was edging around, and paperclips undone for the radio towers on the top of the building and a final coating of modge podge over everything.. ) the stubble was twine cut up and glued down... don't know what the circles are supposed to be, just interest I think....  the pictures are supposed to be varied and clunky/chunky things embedded, poking out.  It is kind of freeing and a learning process to sort of let yourself 'go'.. and look at things in a different way, that you can incorporate into the painting.... it is very interesting... fun  and entertaining to do.... what more could you want?
Now where it will be in a year or 5 years or a hundred, who knows??  But I like it right now and it is a good memory
Take Care All and God Bless
Now I have to come up with another idea :)


  1. Very creative Loree. Where will you put it to enjoy it?

  2. That is so much fun, Loree. As you said, very creative, and especially so since it is conjured up from memories of your recent trip. Love it. Just letting the dogs in and out is a huge job, as I have learned since I no longer have a dog.