Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Review

Just finished "Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah.... such a very good book!!! About the French Resistence in WWII.  I cried off and on throughout the whole book!!! Such a good read, such sadness that happened during that time.  What we do to one another.... I have read some of her other books and am going to look for more at the used book store!!
Reading is what I did today, did not even turn on the TV!! Just me and the doglets, curled up in the chair with a good book!!
Take Care All!!


  1. As always, I appreciate your book recommendations. I like Kristin Hannah, too, but haven't read her books in a while. I put the e-book version of "Nightingale" on hold at the library.

  2. I prefer to read too, and there often isn't anything worth watching on TV anyway.

  3. I would recommend Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

  4. Reading is my favorite in door pastime. TV just has nothing but commercials with a little bit of junk stuff in between. I'll look up Kristin Hannah, thanks.

  5. I also would recommend Winter Garden by KH if you enjoyed Nightingale. Same war, different perspective.

    1. I think i've read that !! Russian, just finished it in the last couple months!! It WAS good...

  6. Sounds like a PERFECT day to me! :)