Saturday, March 14, 2015

Two Things...

Last night a friend and I went to see the Voetberg Family Band..What a wonderful program and family!!!  They are from Centralia, Wa, there are 10 children, they were/are homeschooled, they are mutli talented in that they each play many instruments and would move around playing different things, including the piano and doing vocals.. NO MUSIC, everything was from memory, that is SO hard to do!!! I played the lowly clarinet in grade school and never could accomplish that!  They are Christian based, BUT are so much more than that, Scottish/Irish music, current, 50's-60's. two are National Fiddle Champions in the group.. Look them up, order some music... they are really talented and lovely to listen to!!

I started another book (Harlan Coben), seem to be in a reading frenzy.. BUT this time, I have read this book before!!  remember some parts I come across, nags at my memory, but have no idea what the story line is or how it ends!!!  What the heck??!!!  Can I just read what I have in my library already and I won't remember anything?  Is this a sign of age... or maybe the book was not that important for me to remember???  I can just keep up re-reading what I already have and never have to buy another new book and what I have already will just be new to me?  Really?  I can look at some of the ones I have and remember exactly what they are about.... can pick up a book in the store that is familiar and remember, but this one... I can't--  weird.  there is a Sidney Sheldon book I remember the same thing about, I have re- read it numerous times, will have a niggle of, 'oh, this is familiar, I've read this!' but can't remember the end or all of the story line.
For some un-named reason I find this very troubling......

Also, there was special magazine in the paper today and there is a group of women that do off road bicycling, and a travel group at the Senior center in Bend, I find both of those very interesting.... also another 5K with the person that I go to stamp class with, so am excited to go with someone or some group and that will be fun, maybe will get me to walk faster if I am with a group  :)

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Finding a group to walk or run with is a wonderful way to keep motivated. I find that different books appeal to me more or less at different time and that if I had read something a while ago and don't remember it, often it wasn't really the right time for me to read it. I often reread things in my own library and enjoy it.

  2. I'm 90% sure I could read the same 100 books over and over because I cannot remember plots for anything. Though I could tell you several lines from those books and which side of the page said lines are on. And probably how I felt while I read it. And likely what was going on in my life while I read it. But, that was not what any teacher was looking for in a book report! And also it drives my husband crazy :)

  3. Awh, The Voetberg Family. Loved it when they would be one of the groups of the entertainers ant the Western Washington State Fair! So Good. Glad you got to hear them.