Friday, April 17, 2015

2 Frustrations

Looks like I have a lot of  'stuff' about the yard...hanging and dangling,  but it is all things that mean something and I like them!!

 Yesterday I got a load of mulch for the flower beds, it is a fine thing and dark, the neighbor got some and I had to do the same thing.  The neighbor is also going to put in some gravel along the street like I did.  Well, today was the day to get that pick-up unloaded, so have at it!!! It was NOT as difficult to do as the gravel was  :)  not as heavy, so did not take too awful long.  This mulch stays a darker color and like it a lot. Makes the borders look good and the flowers just pop out!!
Have all kinds of those 'johnny-jump-ups' that seeded from last year and think they look cute in the gravel and also in the bark dust I put out last year at the south side of the house.
Some of the things have come out of the Winter really well and are showing leaves and buds and others did not make it at all.  Have had NO luck with the lavender at all, and keep trying year after year!!!
Could NOT get the  tail gate on the pickup DOWN, so could not get the last of the mulch out of the back of the pick-up and it is parked where I want the last dregs dumped.  Brian will have to take care of it this week-end.  There are just some things I cannot do!!

 Note the goose in the flower bed  :)  Got that at a yard sale for $2... and he does not poop in my yard either!!
See all of those little violets in the bark!!!
Today I went to a yoga class at the swim center in Bend...... WELL, I was in the wrong class, it was Vinyasa Yoga and was very fast!!! I was able to do about 3/4 of it..made me sweat.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I will do anything to NOT sweat.  After reading the class schedule, think I need the restorative yoga, but then I NEED to just get up early, not have to drive the Bend and go to the gym here in Redmond and can be at a class where the fit is better..... but would have to be there at 8am... think I am going to have to bite the bullet....

AND look, my magnolia bush is blooming, 1st is surviving!!!  Makes me happy

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I like all the stuff in your yard - when things start getting bigger the goose etc poke their heads out like they are hiding. Your yard looks great Loree! And the best part is you did it all. You should post a before you even moved in picture and compare to now!

  2. I love pretty yards and yours is sure pretty!!! Hope I get to see it when we are at TT Bend/Sunriver May 1-4

  3. I agree with Carol. I love your yard. You are so dutiful in caring for it and finding things to make it charming. Puts me to shame. If I buy mulch, I hire someone to deliver and place it around. That is sweaty work! I have been delaying planting a few wild flowers on my hillside and getting the tomatoes planted in a 5 gallon bucket!