Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hair Kafuffle

This morning I got my round/bristle brush STUCK in my hair, while drying/styling.  On the left side about a half inch from the scalp!!!  It would NOT come out.  Hair was wound all around the bristles. Was very distressing, made me sweat....  I was sure I was going to have to go to Ola Spa here in Redmond, where I get my hair done and have them get it OUT, or cut it out... which would have left me with a bald spot or a very short over all haircut!! I mean it took me forever to get it out!!!  Hair strand by strand.  My scalp still hurts where I was tugging at it!!!!
Am going to have to be more careful of how this goes in future.... what a stupid thing to have happen!!  Also was on a deadline and had to be someplace, so it was not like I had all the time in the world to fiddle with the darn thing!


  1. Of course you were in a hurry. That is always when those sorts of things happen. Glad you are not partly bald! ;-)

  2. I think all women have experienced this at least once!

  3. It's happened to me when I was a hippie. Never again a bristle brush near my hair!