Saturday, April 4, 2015


Yep, this was the day.... doing multiple things, even got the batteries in the thermostat changed! A person does not do this every week or even every month, so it is hard to remember how to get the darn thing off the wall! Got tree roots hacked/chunked out of the back yard, Brian does it much faster than I do!!  It exhausted me, gave me blood blisters on my hands and made me sweat!  :) It took him about 3 seconds and he was done, doing the same thing! only BIGGER roots even!!!  The dogs are always interested in what is going on in their back yard.  Even mowed back there for the 2nd time this year...
vacuum/mop/ clean out vacuum/ made cookies/ fixed a dinner, dusted/ 3 loads of  laundry..makes my head spin, one thing progressively leads to another, little things that need done, I always have a feeling of such accomplishment.  Little things that make a life and a nice/clean place to spend time and live. With things in their place.
Reading a great book 'The Home Place' by Carrie LaSeur, takes place in Billings, MT.  good story, great characters and she is sparse in her writing yet very descriptive, you just KNOW what she is talking about and can see the land/mountains.  A mystery....
Just finished Greg Iles 'Blood Memory'  two murders/incest, he writes very well and like his books, but not sure this is something I enjoy reading about for over 700 pages  :(

Everyone have a Blessed day tomorrow

Take Care and God Bless


  1. The thing I like lest about being back in a house is all the maintenance of the outside:(

  2. Happy Easter, Loree. Thanks for another book recommendation!