Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring in the Yard

 Got these little ceramic toadstools at a Real Deals store in Bend....  Oh, last night on Jeopardy (yes, I watch that, like to see how little I know, and Brian and I challenge one another, he surprisingly..why do I say that? gets alot more right than I do!) there was a clue, 4 letter towns and the answer was Bend, Oregon!!!  It was pretty darn exciting, the current champion got it right too!  So, she knew where Bend was!!
Well, maybe you had to be there...
Have these grape hyacinths all over the yard in different places, one thing that does well here, year after year and get bigger and bigger with each year.  such a harbinger of Spring!!! The blooms last for a long time too.

 Tulips are up also, they open and close with the light and the weather, if it is cold out, they close back up.
More of the Lentin Rose.  It is doing well this year and gets bigger and better, I put a cage around it as it tends to fall over and flop and this way I can se the pretty faces better...

Top is the weeping crabapple, it is blooming this year!!! Am way excited, the first year it has done so.  Brian got it for me Mother's day the first year we were in the house....
My potintella  (sp) has leaves.. also the blueberry bush, and red twig dogwood all are doing well, but that stupid holly hock that did so well last year, has not a thing on it so far, maybe a late leafer???  also the lilacs are not good, last year they were blooming all over and so very fragrant, this year there is hardly any blooms on it and part of what is there has brownish flowers here and there, must have gotten frostbit I think...
A different daffy blooming here, after the normal ones are almost done too, so that is neat that there is something coming up after the others.  Like to get things spaced out, so there is always something going on in the yard and not times of the year that there is nothing going on..
Have little forget me nots or johnny jump ups  all over in the gravel and the bark dust...blooming too, looks so very cute... they must just seed something awful to have all of them com u the way they do..
Well that is about it for the yard, oh, the herbs, mint, oregano, tarragon, chives are all coming on too, but not very exciting pictures :) just leaves, but really good, big, healthy plants.
Pretty soon here am going to start haunting the garden stores and bringing home more plants and put in.. also the neighbor got some really nice compost and it looks so nice I may go get some of that too! and spread all around the place.
Hope all is well and Springy in your neck of the woods, Take Care and God Bless all!!!


  1. I do not think I would eat those mushrooms:)

  2. Love the ceramic mushrooms and the lovely color around them.

  3. Tulips are my very favorite spring flower. Love the deep rich color of the grape hyacinths. How wonderful to have all these beauties in your own yard. On the road I really miss the spring flowers. It's hard to time it to be where they are especially when they are seldom in state or national parks. Thanks so much for the pictures.

  4. Love your toad stools. I saw that Jeopardy game (I realized I know nothing) and I didn't know Bend but I knew Mesa, AZ and Orem, UT.

  5. Do you get rain during the spring and summer, or do you have to water the flowers & lawn?

    1. We get rain.. some, not a lot, we are on the high desert! But seems to be enough for the bulbs. Have to keep most things watered.. Have a couple evergreens and need to water those, especially this year a we are also in the drought area, have only watered so far a couple of times. Irrigation water was turned on this week in the canals for farmers. There are some older places near us that have access to this irrigation, but we have no water rights and have to water with the metered, city water....