Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Cleaned house today, this was the day.  Even dusted!!!  Boy are we ever dirty little things... bedding, rugs, towels.  Washed down the back side of the house.   Did the sidewalk and the doormats.  One thing leads to another and you end up doing LOTS of different things... Even cleaned the dining table, which appears to be a 'catch-all' when you don't want to make a decision right now.  Saving coupons there that expired in March!!!  oh my.... you say and so you can....  It does give a feeling of a job well done...  and a clean smell radiating from all corners  :)

I am happy

Take Care all

p.s. Carl spent the day in Brian's room.  He now goes to Brian's door when he sees me taking down the shower curtain, knows I am starting to clean and he heads for the hills!!!

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  1. You washed down the back side of the house??? I need to wash mine all the way around but I don't know when I'll have the energy!