Saturday, June 20, 2015

Close, Closer!!

June 13th was the meeting of the Stampin Up Club, out by the airport in Bend.  The lady that has them, her husband has a way with wild flowers!!!!  This was the coolest thing I have seen in quite some time and really went overboard in taking pictures of FLOWERS....

I think she said he threw seeds out over the drainfield, which as you know does not really drain, but well, you know.. there is usually a naked scar where they have to scout the earth to get all the 'stuff' in there that a home needs.... he has made it a beautiful place.

Poppies galore!!!!

We also had a good morning, made 3 cards and got to talk with ladies, it was fun, as always.  There were also some cactus across the street, but for some reason those pictures did not come out very good at all, sometimes you are 'on' and sometimes, not so much.  the cacti did not come out at all, were all blurry, but thought the poppies turned out good for the most part.
When I get tired of trying to grow a garden maybe I can do this!!!  Carrots have not come up, not the pumpkins.... what did I do wrong? Seems pretty straightforward to me, but maybe not so much.
Take Care All


  1. Love the poppies! My mother in law grew the big red/orange ones and they covered the small garden on her front walkway. Thanks for invoking the memory.

  2. Great flower close ups, I seem to have a problem getting them right:(

  3. The poppies are beautiful - much more so than cacti! (That's only my opinion of course, and to say I dislike cacti would be an understatement.)

  4. Flowers or veggies - never have been able to grow them. So I learned early on how to appreciate the efforts of others. I love seeing gardens of all kinds. I know they are a lot of work but we really do appreciate their beauty.