Friday, June 19, 2015


 Went to Sisters today for an estate sale, got lost, BUT found the Camp Polk Cemetery!!! And got to talk to some lovely people that were also there.
Had never been on this road before, Locust that turns into Camp Polk Rd, with no warning.  There are lots of houses and subdivisions out there, well, not really a subdivision, these areas had names, paved roads and about an acre or more of property.  Did finally find my sale and found some 'treasures' to cart home.  Things I was looking for, a rake and a big metal spoon (the one I had was rusting and the finish was coming off, which I would imagine was not too healthy) a couple extensions cords.  Then had to go on to the town to have a look around.  It was pretty much the same.  Lots of people and slow, slow traffic.  But after all of these years I have figured out how to get around that :)
It was really hot out at the dry cemetery. There was lots to see there.  First sites were from the 1880's

Isn't this the sweetest thing ever...

And this is just a sad end to this poor guy, who nobody apparently even knew the name of!!

There were just interesting things at this cemetery.  It is not maintained and people have to keep up sites or the just fall into disrepair.  They are still using it as there were current sites also.  Many had enclosures, fences and many mementos about and in the trees.  It was just very interesting and personal.  Some families there throughout the years in their areas, new and old mixed.

Take Care all


  1. I am surprised no one caught the "your you". I would be cringing for eternity if it was on my headstone. :))