Monday, July 13, 2015

MY Yard This Morning

These pictures are from my phone and apparently I can't go in and add comments or even correct what I tried to put in at 1st... geez, this will look good, well, just look at the pictures and not how they are placed or misspelled words!!!

I love when things start in to bloom and are just ALL over the place.... it is wild trying to keep weeds under control and things standing up straight.  Little children ate all the blue berries as they were walking by, Brian stood and watched them!!! SO, am hoping they don't discover my tomatoes that are starting to come on.. lots of little green ones!!!!  The potato leaves are like 2 feet tall, hope they are doing something under the ground too!!!  The rhubarb leaves are great, getting lots more, but something is eating them like crazy, some bug, not an animal....  Zukes and cukes are getting bigger, but not in leaps and bounds.  Those volunteer squash grow about 2 feet each night!!!  We are getting a little rain each day now, which is refreshing and nice and does wonders for al the plantings and flowers....  The herbs are huge..what to do with them???? Mint, oregano, sage, rosemary.....  Oh and the BEANS... they are WILD, have not got them staked properly, thought tomato cages would work, right? NO!!! AND all of them I planted came up, so there are LOTS of them...leafy, leafy
It is all work, but it keeps me out of the bars...  :)

Take Care all


  1. Pictures are wonderful. And I must write this every time I see gardens on blogs as I can't grow anything in Tucson they cook.

  2. Glad it's keeping you on the straight and narrow and out of the bars. ;)

  3. LOL at Judy. Your pictures are lovely and I know your yard must be beautiful too. Do you have to have the produce and fruit out by the walk where someone else can eat it rather than you?? Reach down in the ground under your potatoes and see if they are making new potatoes. You can steal some and they won't care at all. We used to do it all the time. YUM!

  4. Always good to have less bar time and more outdoor time!