Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quilt Show!!

The second Saturday in July is the World FAMOUS Sisters Quilt show, started in 1975. SO this was the 40th anniversary year!!!
I LOVE that now they close down the highway and you can just wander all over town free from any traffic at all.
This year I paid for parking - $8 for the day, to some enterprising youngsters, they even had 3 kinds of drinks and brownies and cookies  :) plus some jewelry and sewing things for sale!!!

 This is the Stitchin Post, (the quilts are hung by the fire department men and are made by the employees) THE fabric store in town and home of Jean Wells, the lady that started the Show.  She also teaches classes and has written many books. Her daughter Valerie, also designs fabric and teaches, makes patterns.  They just DO all things sewing.
People come from all over the world for the Show.  There are tour buses even.. it is a VERY big deal in this little town. have you never been, there are quilts hung from every store all up and down the streets and businesses of town.  It is fun to see.  Even quilts from all over the world.  The ladies from Gees Bend in South Carolina (? north, think it is south) have a display every year.
Central Oregon also had the Summer Festival in downtown Bend (eats, drinks, craft booths, music) and a cycling classic is going on this week-end, so I bet there is not a vacant room to be had in all of Central Oregon this week end!!
I love getting a poster, and this year was the 40th, so had to have one of those, and a t-shirt!!
The quilt to the right, Dog Park was by the veterinary office in town, thought that was really too cute!!

 AND, look, a doxie!!

The quilt to the left is one I am just sure if I put my mind to it, I could make!!! Strips that are already pre cut!!

I got there about 9am and it was already crowed!!! traffic backed, but not to awful coming from Redmond, the road from bend was another story.

Just walked about.  many of the stores have specials going and special things brought in just for the Show week end.

Love the Common Threads store and Bediowin (sp) they have 'johnny was' things in here, blouses for $300, that did NOT come home with me, but did find some xmas gifts :) yes I plan ahead  :)

Sister Drug Store is always a good stop, they had Bagilini handbags 20% off, but could not find the 'right' one.  Also a sale on some of their Vera Bradley, love her quilted things. This is not really a drug store, altho they do have a pharmacy in the back I think, but I never get that far back and they have all kinds of specialty items like Jim Shore figurines and Willa Rae.... those xmas village things and those expensive xmas ornaments, what are they? can't think of the name right now.  They even had security guards at the doors :(

This one had pictures incorporated all over/in it...

See up close..

 The quilt above was 2 in squares.. all over!!!!  How much time and how tedious must that have been!  Really!!!

I LOVE Sunbonnet Sue.  I have a really old one of these... That has covered 3 generations of babies..

How can they do this, make scenes from fabric??? Wow!!!

Here is another that was sort of hidden behind a tree.  Pretty huh???

It was a great day and not too hot, I have been there and just sweltered the day away, but yesterday was just about perfect.  And it really did not seem to be too awfully crowded.  I left about noon and traffic was still coming into town, but there were a lot of places to park still and LOTS of things still for sale............... no, I did not take it all with me... haha

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Wish I would have been there with you!

  2. I would have liked to have been there!

  3. I love the colors of all the quilts. It would be sensory overload. Carol H, it sounds like road trip for your birthday next year!

  4. I have always wanted to go to that show. Hopefully someday.......