Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quite the Start

to the week for lil' Luci.. Am sure throughout the time I have been writing this blog, have told 'stories' on her and her misdeeds...   :(   Well already this week she has bit me, I was trying to take away a soiled paper towel she was eating, that she found in the car.  Right thumb, two places, got me with both canine teeth, one almost to the bone on the outer edge.  They are healing nicely and have finally stopped oozing bodily fluid.  Did not get infected, nor did I get some dread disease from dog mouth.  It really hurt tho, and my feelings were hurt as she just merrily went on her way and did not even feel in the slightest sorry, sad or remorseful.
Then this evening, somehow she got stuck in the garage, crept in there whilst I was getting something, apparently.. and left the door open for a short period of time and she ate the insole out of one of Brian's work shoes.... ick... am sure she is going to get some dread disease from that or at the very least have a hard time eliminating, it does not even bear contemplation......

I hope you all have respectful, well trained pets who do not turn on you at unexpected turns.

Take Care


  1. Hope it was one of Brian's old shoes!

    1. no, it was NOT Patty, his work boots too, which he only has one pair of...

  2. Some stopped me one day while walking Fred and asked about his disposition, said she had a doxie once and as it got older it got very mean. I sure hope we don't see this in our pups. Fred has a great disposition and loves everyone hope that never happens

  3. So far so good with our girls and biting. But we have to watch very carefully what we put in the bathroom trash can because Scooter thinks that is her private playground. And since they are on leashes whenever they are outside, we can keep them from eating poop or rolling in it.

  4. She might come down with Toe-Main poisoning! :)

  5. My little Tzus have never tried to bite me but it would really hurt my feelings if they ever did. I have taken trash out of their mouths when on walks and they never reacted in any way. Hope they never do as it would break my heart.