Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Garden Today!!

The last of the star gazers and it is white!!! They don't last very long, but have found a good home under my bedroom window!

It just amazes me- this was a little 4 in high  plant  and NOW have tons of little/medium peppers!
And the sunflowers all came up by themselves, (the ones I planted did NOT come up at all) I think from the bird seed.  I just left all of them in and they don't require hardly any water.  AND one of them must be 10 feet tall!!! When it blooms will have to get a picture of me next to it for scale :)

Have three different tomato plants, this one has much bigger leaves and the tomatoes are bigger too, but is going to take them some time to ripen, hope they get the time!!! I got some tomatoes from a stand today, they are from Yakima, Wa and BOY are they sure good!!!  Love, love, love garden tomatoes!!  The other two plants are cherry tomatoes and they are coming on strong, LOTS of blooms.  The deer stop by quite often too, and have had netting over them for all this time.  They chew off the tips sticking thru the net.... and I live right in town too!!! There are three that wander about the neighborhoods, probably trying to find a free varied diet that we provide for them, and if we are not diligent, with netting and fences as the neighbors have, then they get freebies!!!

As an update, my doc apt went very well and have been fully released, no longer have the surgery as an excuse to pamper myself and stay away from the gym and yoga!!!  ;) So am going to have to change my wicked/lazy ways.  Even tho I thought this day would never come and I was going to feel badly and puny forever (how dramatic) I have never felt better and it is a good thing this whole thing happened (I guess) as now I no longer have the 'issues' I was having!!!
Life is good and goes on...............
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Your garden is great and the veggies and other plantings are thriving well. glad you had a good Dr. apt.