Saturday, August 29, 2015

Goings On

Having a bright n sunny day, fluffy clouds, NO smoke (boy do I ever notice the difference in my breathing), windy tho...  have hauled 3 wheelborrows of dirt from back yard so far this morning... going to put a couple rows of pavers in next to the sidewalk back there as with the dogs going in n out, apparently NO grass will stay growing there and becomes a mud plot for them in the winter and snow!!!  We will see, lots of roots to hack out with the ax due to the 4 trees back there , so it is a little bit of work to do!!!  But what else do I have to do eh???? 
The doggies are quite concerned with all the goings on tho and have to get out and see what I have done everytime I take a break and come in!!  Funny little things!
My bariatric mocha latte protein drink was on sale this week end, so had to order some.. yummy
Brian's contribution to the digging was to fix me a coffee... HA!
Have done pretty well with yoga and water aerobics this week, blew off Monday yoga tho and Thursday had to get car serviced at 8am!!! So missed the water thing, and had to spend the day in Bend ... waiting, waiting.... not good for me as then went shopping and to lunch  :(  my willpower is at all time low... BUT got GOD sales so just think of ALL the money I saved!!!  :)
Take Care all


  1. You can look forward to snow (aka moisture) this winter. I sure hope El Nino keeps Sacramento on his itinerary!

  2. Loving the clear skies down here as well, but I am NOT digging in the dirt! Look forward to seeing the upgrade when you get it finished. Winter mud is such a pain, especially when the snow isn't really snow but just wet cold stuff. Maybe this year we will get real snow?

  3. I can imagine how much better it is without the smoke.