Monday, August 10, 2015

Oh BOY!!!

Am I ever ticked, mad, pissed, angry.... it is the DEER!!!  they stopped for a visit last night... knawed on my squash, ruined it.... got into the tomatoes.  I was so smug as they were not getting into them becuz I had netting over them.  WELL that has ceased to work, one plant had lovely medium sized green tomatoes on it.... huge leaves... and the little tomatoes are all over the vines.  they tore down the vines and got into the medium sized ones and ATE most ALL of them.. only about 4 left!!!!! got into the zucchini leaves and the beans, which I am not too excited about as there were NO beans on them, no blooms, don't know what that was all about and my lovely peppers,  they ate the top off the plant and all the little blooms coming on.  If I am going to be serious about this garden thing, I have GOT to get fencing up!!!! TALL fencing!  It is just so demoralizing to put all the money and water into those little plants, see them mature and get to be something grand and then to have them decimated like this is horrid... such a betrayal of nature, don't you think?  They don't like the potatoes tho.. a good thing?  those vines do NOT look very good, only hope that underneath the ground all is perking along wonderfully.  I strung up MORE netting....hope it works and I still get some GOOD surprises from the garden....
Take Care... I am trying


  1. And here from the title I thought something good had happened. I shared your pain every single year we gardened at the farm. We had tall electric fence and it worked fine until something shorted it out like grass that was too tall or something running into it. Then the deer ate everything I'd worked all summer to produce. For us it was seriously problematic since we produced 80% of our own food. The other critter that drove us even more nuts was the groundhog. Good luck! I think if we could have afforded 6' tall board fencing it would have worked but way too expensive on an acre of gardens.

  2. This is a common event everywhere now. The deer population has been allowed to get out of hand and is going to get worse before it gets better:(

  3. Have you tried sprinkling chili powder on your plants? My sister sprinkles it on her rose buses and swears the deer in her yard won't touch them.