Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Good, the Bad

have been so very good and have been to water aerobics, Tues and Thurs and Yoga Mon, Wed, Fri.. yeah me!!!  this yoga is a bit faster and intense than the college courses, BUT am learning and am able to do most all of them...
the deer were back last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! took the netting right off the zucchini and delicately ate the ONE zucchini I had there, and some leaves... guess it is a miracle that they did not trail the netting off to someplace or get themselves all wound up in it!!
Had a procedure Monday, the scope down the throat and have an ulcer!! in the stomach that is being treated with two meds, they also used a balloon and enlarged the opening into the stomach as that had grown somewhat closed after my surgery 3 years ago, so hopefully will eventually not have that gagging, not being able to eat sensation any longer... we will see.  have to chew really WELL and slow down... be leisurely in my dining experience  :) rather than just something to be gotten thru, right now...    habits are SUCH  a hard thing to break/get over..
Am reading "Circling the Sun" by Paula McLain.. so far, and I have only just started, it is a really good book, but I am a sucker for books on Africa, ie: out of Africa... this is the same period of time and even has some of the same characters!!!
We have a REALLY bad fire in Warm Springs, burned 95,000 acres so far, right almost into town, burned the Catholic church, started by an rv towing a trailer, the trailer had a flat tire and they kept on going causing sparks to fly all along a stretch of hwy 26, which has been closed off and on for days now...  the smoke is just horrendous and only 30% contained.... temps in the 90's.. no wind today, here, tho and they say that is what keeps the smoke laying in and not moving on.
Carl went after Luci this morning!!! As I have said in the past, he just looks absolutely ferocious when doing this and she is all offended.. I was in my 'altogether' getting ready to go and trying to keep them apart. such a FUN way to start the day!!!!
Take Care All and God Bless.... stay cool


  1. What a time you have been having. You may have to plant your garden in a very tall fenced area next time. The fires are so bad in CA. your area. with all the dry weather it is very scarey.

    I love for you to add to your book reviews if they are romance novels as I really hate them. I really love to read and am running out of books to choose from. I love mysteries, history, things of that nature. Thx

  2. Loree, not sure which Catholic church you are talking about but it didn't burn the one along side of Hwy 26. Came close, but it didn't get it. :-) We were just up there a week ago, today. Those poor's still not completely contained but they are calling for rain this weekend....just hope there is no lightning.