Friday, September 11, 2015

Crap Day

Well have been thru it with the printer and it is dead.... so got out the 5600 HP that is old, got it new ink and it is up and running, can u believe? the computer even 'recognized' it and did not have to install anything. Have to give it to Office Max tho, they took back the ink that I had just bought last week, even tho I did not have a sales slip, they had said to bring it back if the printer head was gone, and they did it!!! Yeah, and even got credit for 3 yr old cartidges from that old printer that has been sitting in the garage (in a big ol' plastic bag, under all the deflated floaties we used on the river last year) which is all a good thing cuz that old printer cartridges were $80!!!! for only two!!!
Then I had a day of driving: I mean really do I have a sign on me that says ignore me!!! I am not here... yes just pull in front of me, don' t let me back out of a parking spot, just roar right in behind me, when I am already halfway out or back up right behind me and don't stop to look, I mean, really? maybe I can't see you.... then there is the person doing 20 in a school zone!!! the sign says on school days and it is Saturday, right?  Well, no after I thought about it, it is NOT Saturday and it is Friday and a school day yes..... good thing for that person going slow in front of me that I was previously cursing, good thing I did not have my window down and was not yelling at them, but was in the confines of my car.... geez, what a dork I am at times.
SO, there you have it... good, I guess as well and awful
Take Care All

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