Monday, September 28, 2015

Getting Ready for Winter

We had 140 days of no frost!! Last it frost was may 10th (per tv)- ended last night.... am so DONE with those stupid, stupid deer!!! They got my last two zucchini.. was waiting for them to get to a decent size.. well, not to be.  Still have some of the little tomatoes, well, actually LOTS of them. Can't keep ahead of them.  At the start of the summer you think, oh yumm will never get tired of these... then- reality.  A person just cannot eat ALL of them.... and have given away tons too....
Sooooo, got the yard ready for winter, just have to do the leaves when that happens.  Hoses all up and unhooked.  No more watering. Think I have mowed for the last time too. Got rid of those squash plants last week.  Next year I am not going to let them grow, pull them as soon as they come up, it is just not cost effective to water them all summer and not get hardly anything off of them or feed the deer of and on and am NOT into doing that!!!
Take Care All, stay warm!!!

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  1. I don't think our weather here got the memo that it is fall, we are going back into triple digits for the next few days. So sorry about the deer eating the last of your garden.