Monday, October 19, 2015

A Monday

Foxglove, still blooming in my yard!!!!

Well, today was the day to start getting ready for the Holidays, by cleaning the oven.... really dislike doing that, even tho I have a self cleaning oven, still have to do those racks!!! each little one.... takes forever, then have sos spatters all over the sink to clean up too!

Then to the yard and bagged 10 bags of leaves (these are those HUGE black bags, guys, not some wimpy little kitchen bags!! But leaves are kinda wet, so the bags are heavy and even tho I did not fully load them up, still can't move them, Brian will have to get them to the back of the pick-up and off the grass :)

NOW I am trying to figure out the check book, oh joy.....

I did finally go see "The Intern" this week-end, it was really good,  nice story and funny parts... love that Robt Deniro!!!

So, yes, a Monday.. but something was accomplished, even tho I did sleep thru the time to get up for yoga, that 8am gets me most every time....  :)

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Beautiful picture of the foxglove, Loree. You are a hard worker!

  2. I love Foxglove, wonder if I can have them here in the winter, they don't survive out hot nasty summers.