Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween in Metolius!!

My friend, Tanya, who lives in Metolius always goes 'all out' for Halloween, she LOVES Halloween.  So, it is extra cool to go to her house at this time of year and see all the decorations!!! She must have everything ever made!!!  Really!!!!  Just everywhere you look, something neat!!!!Love this huge witch in the background, it is people sized!!

 Bats in the belfry, flying up the door and the wall of the house. And this skeleton that I am sure lights up at night.

 Even her garden gets in the mood, by dying out in just the right amounts.  And she does have a large garden, I guess her husband, Kevin, puts in most of it and cares for it, but, hey..... there are squash and pumpkins , lots of tomatoes, I stole some, shhhh- they don't know I did that!!!!
Every little place has something attached that is Halloween-y, like this little pumpkin on the birdhouse.  There are lots of flowers and trees, a huge old barn, chickens, horses, turkeys, it is a great place to go to see things not normally seen in everyday 'city' life  :)

There are a few of these cut outs, I think Kevin does those too!!! A very talented guy....

She has to have ramps as she has 'saved' some elder dogs, to give good homes in their final years and they need to get up and down easily.... But every place there is something to see and oooo, and ahh over.  Oh, look over there, look at that... Love, love going to the Metolius farm and seeing what is happening and what is new,  There is no end to the number of pictures that one can take.

Happy Halloween, Tanya and Kevin and happiness always to your sunny little patch of earth we can call home....

Take Care & God Bless


  1. Pretty scary:) We have folks in our area that go all the way, as well. I enjoy looking at their efforts, but we settle for a flag and pumpkin.

  2. That was a nice blog about your dear friend Tanya! You are both fortunate to have each other! Hi to Tanya : )