Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Hallows Eve!!!

LOOK!!! at the decorating at this place!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! Haven't seen anything like this since being in the Midwest....
Went to 3 estate sales today... no spectacular finds, but did get to go in one house on 15th Street in Redmond that was built in the 60's when I was in High School, Mom and I always thought it would be a cool house and it was pretty cool, all high ceilings and beams and 60 décor, lots of windows looking out over the Canyon in Redmond.  And now there is a big playground down there, but you could see across and some distance. so it was cool.  3 stories, 3 different living/familyrooms, lots of decks.  No yard or grass to speak of as was all on a large down grade.  Lots of trees and windows that took advantage of those views, no garage tho, so that was a little weird, just a carport.  Small kitchen area, but lots of cupboards that sort of wrapped around, they used the space really well in there. And for such a large home, only 3 bedrooms.  Suppose one of those family rooms could have been used instead of as an office..
Found 'Shepard of the Hills' which my mom just loved, so am looking forward to reading that.
Went to Real Deals, which is a home décor sort of place, with really good prices and got some xmas gifts, Xmas was blooming all over in there :)
But the 'orange' man, who brings oranges up from so calif was not in Bend yet and I missed getting donuts as the store closes at 2p or when they run out of inventory and it was past2.... so not meant to be, right?
Thursday had another EDG and I NO longer have an ulcer, so was happy about that and that the medication worked, have to stay on it for another couple of months tho.... ick, just timing and chalk taste.. but it is good for me.... sooooo
Once I start writing in here I forget what I have put in prior blogs, Luci has an ear infection and am treating that, with meds from vet and Zyrtec, seems to have taken care of the problem as the ear no longer smells icky and is not all flushed red.  Just hate when they are sick and can't tell you what is wrong and they need help, she started flipping her ear/head about, then there was the smell :(
Such is our life
Take Care and God Bless

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  1. Scooter is our ear infection girl so I always have a supply of Zyrtec on hand. Great stuff. There are a couple of houses back where I grew up that I would love to see the inside of now. At that time they seemed so large compared to our house - now -not so much. Great news about the ulcer.