Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Well, rather than spend money on a trip or something else fantastic, we get to replace sidewalks.. apparently someone complained and we got a 'lovely' letter from the city and are now in the throes of getting sidewalk areas replaced by a general contractor.  Both areas around the trees on the front and back areas near the driveways.  Lots of tree roots!! and rocks... Today was sent by those poor guys digging up roots.  This week end Brian gets to somehow cut limbs from the tree in the back, also, as it is hanging too low over the street.  This after I cut it way back this Spring. I stood in the back of the pick-up and reached as far up as I could to get to branches.  Obviously it did not last long enough and those darn branches just keep on growing, as do the roots!!!!
Such is the life of home ownership!!  :)
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I'm surprised the city isn't responsible for the maintenance and repair of public sidewalks. They have been everywhere I've ever lived but maybe that's just Virginia and North Carolina and California and Rhode Island and Ohio.

  2. Nowhere I have lived does the city pay for that stuff. In Klamath Falls if you don't shovel your sidewalk you get fined, and if you don't maintain your sidewalk you get fined, if you don't keep your weeds pulled, they will do it for you for a hefty fee. Maybe it is different out West from Sherry's homes in the east.

  3. It was a 'code violation', someone complained... a school bus driver for the tree. If the city goes in and does improvements on their own, I guess they pay for it, but not in a code violation. Still have to do the trees, that is 'on' for this afternoon, oh joy!!!