Monday, November 23, 2015

Goodness sakes

Oh, my goodness, this was SO funny, Brian found her, said Mom, you have to take a picture, this is some funny shit, and it surely is!!!!
I was very tired and laid down for an intentional nap, but had taken off my sweatshirt and Luci likes to burrow under things, and somehow got inside the sweatshirt and the sleeve and could not work herself out!!!  No going any further forward and could not figure she had to back out, but maybe she could not as she was stuck in there, and she was flopping around, I felt her flopping, but she does that sometimes to get under what she wants under, I am sure I would have woken up sooner or later...  :) haha don't you think??

Stay warm all, we are supposed to have some snow coming our way!!!

Take Care and God Bless


  1. What a nice doggie sweater! Hide your sweat pants!

  2. Oh, she's so precious! They love sleeping with our clothing. When I was at my kids' house a week or so ago, I stayed in their guest room with a VERY high bed that Katie couldn't jump up on. And I didn't want her to shed all over the beautiful bedding, so I put my sweatshirt on the floor on top of her blanket, and she just snuggled into it and fell asleep. PS - I LOVE your bed and bedding! :)