Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Day to ALL

Luci has already scored, even ate the celery that got flung onto the floor :)
Forgot the carrots in the dressing!! Think anyone will notice??  It was already stuffed and in the oven, sitting here thinking it needed some color,  what was missing.... well by that time it is really too late....

It was 4 degrees when I got up this morning.... geez.... But bright out there, but there is NO melting action going on, A true winter wonderland.

Went thru the really HUGE paper and can't think of a reason to get up tomorrow and GO anywhere... not a thing  I need !!  Am truly grateful for that!

Hope everyone has a Blessed day... Take Care


  1. Thanksgiving blessings to you, Loree!

  2. Hope all went well and no one noticed the missing carrots. You had a perfect Thanksgiving weather day.
    I sure won't be leaving my house for any stores.

  3. We had a lovely Thanksgiving as well. It was all the more special with Juniper fully engaged. Our snow is gone due to the enormous amount of rain in the last two days. Flooding; thought that was a spring problem!