Friday, November 20, 2015


Oh, my gosh!!!  Thank you all for answering and your input.  It is very reassuring. There was even a blurb on TV tonight about it and that it was a scam.. Altho, I think the story was not very well investigated as they said you could always get in touch with your local IRS office/agent.. yeah, right, and how to do that when the office is closed and you can't get past the 'round robin' on the phone!!!  I would like to know. They said the police and their TV station was being inundated with calls re: this issue.. So am not too worried....
Spent the day at another estate sale, lunch with friend and odd little chores I had to do that have mounted up. Went to medical clinic and got my primary doctor changed :) not that difficult, but have been to this doc before, so not a new patient and with in the same system or clinic that I have been going to, just have to travel to Bend now, instead of convenience of being able to just go to Redmond Clinic, but they don't have a doctor to take the place of the one I was seeing that is leaving :(  I will miss her, she was very diligent.
We are having cold, cold with fog, maybe will get some freezing fog, I always think that is so very pretty, supposed to be snow down here next week  ....  oh well, it is Winter and we DO have seasons, so, guess that comes with it.  will just stay in... and shovel.....
Tomorrow am going to a mixed media class again and hope to make some 'charming' things.. we will see... I am ever optimistic
Take Care All... Stay warm!!!!

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