Saturday, November 28, 2015

Starlight Parade

Tonight was the Starlight Parade in Redmond and boy was it cold, about 8 degrees I think, cold nose, cold toes!!!
BUT there were LOTS of people out and about, it was odd.... Lots of lights... snow in the streets

The gateway sign all prettied up!

Many large trucks pulling lit up trailers full of happy people, laughing, singing


 Messages for all

Don't know what these are, gold carts??? they were all decked out and open to the elements..

 After the parade there was a lighting of the Christmas tree, we did not stay, just so very cold and we are getting old.. the streets were especially slippery in the dark.
Tanya's new car has heated seats!!! That was very exciting and something to look forward to.
Went to Starbucks after and got a hot coffee, then dove about the icy, snowy streets looking for lights and found the one below!!!! oh my, they REALLY did it up good!! Don't think there was any space left for anything else, every little square of the yard ha something on it, then you went on down the street and their side yard was the very same way!! Even made fencing to hang lights on, trees, bushes, eaves of the house, windows, doors, nothing was left untouched... It was GREAT!!!

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Beautiful Pictures. But sooooo cold looking.

  2. I love all the lights but there is no way I could handle the cold long enough to watch the parade. One day this season Jim and I will drive around and look at all the lights. I love doing that.

  3. They cancelled our parade due to 8 inches of snow and potential for more. We hold ours during the day. Much prettier at night!

  4. Love all the lights and a parade but oh I don't know about that cold. The snow sure adds to the pretty lights.