Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Great Day

had a great day with friend Carol G.  1st awoke to freezing rain, BUT by the time I got myself together it had melted.  She turned 78 today!! Had a great lunch at Pastini's, had linguine with gorgonzola, peas and mushrooms, it was really yummy!! THEN shopping in the Old Mill Dist, and factory outlet. Got pet food, and took her to grocery shop.  Listened to Xmas music when in the car.. It was a truly good and Blessed day!!  But skipped Costco, ran out of steam and fortitude...SO many cars there!!!
Take Care All


  1. Yeah, why ruin a great day with the Costco parking lot?!

  2. And it's only going to get worse til after Christmas, then it will still be bad for all the people making returns.........