Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Never Learn

When will I ever learn... I try to cut down or NOT buy magazines at all... just love to look at them, at my own leisure.  Just browsing at the store is not enough AND it is not as if there is anything new in them... they have all the same things. Some of the recipes are not even all that wonderful. But I get 'sucked' in every time, just about.... just about.... but am trying to resist yet again and not get any at all.  I do have some that I have subscriptions for ; Sunset, good housekeeping (which used to be oh so much better than what it is now, you know, back in the 70's, when they even had wonderful cartoons in it) Country life, Midwest, More, National Geo... let Real simple, Oprah, go and did not renew... I do share them, recycle, and take some to the hospital for their waiting room.  So they do get around and serve a purpose and are just not going to the land fill....  but still, you would think I could remember that I already had something..... :)


  1. I understand completely! I can't seem to resist subscriptions, and am even considering resubscribing to the newspaper. The trouble is that I can only read the large-print of the headlines or look at pictures, but with macular degeneration and small print (especially on glossy paper), I don't actually read anything else! I donate my magazines to the local library.

  2. One of the good thing about a mail forwarding service is that it stops you from wanting to pay to have a magazine forwarded to you. I used to love Family Circle and Woman's Day. But now I don't miss them. At one time I had three subscriptions to the same magazine. So I can totally relate to your picture.

  3. Sometimes I do that with books.....oh, I already read that one!

    1. Haha, I do that TOO!!! except quite often I can't remember the ending or how the story goes, so have to read it again and hope THIS time it sticks and I remember it for the future!!