Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Holiday

Took Christmas down today.... it is over and seems always sort of sad to have it over and all the gaity still sitting there .... waiting... for what??? So it is time to clear the halls.  Also went into garage and started in there.... BOY... things just get stuffed here and there, where ever it might go. Found cards from 17 years ago...  whoa.... how is that sentimental, Really??? Some of them were nice to see, but.... I was being ruthless.... Found THREE keyboards, which is something as I have had a laptop for years, YEARS now..... SO those need another home to go to, maybe Goodwill?? Have had a little rain, but not even any frost this morning....
Brian was inordinately happy with his socks, calls them his Good Luck socks now... think he till has them on :0 HA!!
Everyone was very generous with me and I am so happy and grateful!!!
My niece and I went shopping yesterday in Bend, it was fun, but I ended with a horrid backache and think, yes, I have another UTI....... my, my..... so unhappy with that, so have to get in to the lab and leave a 'sample' joy.... what a way to end or start the new year....
Made some bacon wrapped kielbasa marinated with brown sugar, white wine vinegar, mustard and pepper, very, very tasty, bacon done right, is good on most anything, huh?

Brother Vern has been with us for the past few days and we have had a good time and visit, been a long time since spent any time together, yet strange that we came from the same place and family, we are very different, yet the same at times, huh??? Weird.....

Hope all is well with you and yours and Take Care and God Bless...


  1. Those look like he is wearing Rose Bowl socks. :)

    1. They are from our friends in Iowa and am sure that is their intent, they are more than excited!!!