Monday, January 11, 2016


Reading Kate Morton "Forgotten Garden" only half thru it and it is really good, she writes well, it is back and forth 2015, 1900 and 1975. Sometimes hard to get everyone figured in their time line, right at first, but great story/people build up.  Mystery, historical.  Am quite enjoying it and now can't wait to find her other books (there are 3 I think, used book stores I am hoping or maybe the Kindle!!!)
Read in the Opinion section on books in the Sunday paper that hard books were coming back, had they been gone? Over the e-book genre.  Glad that was decided on.  When I was in the RV I did use my Kindle more, it was easier access to books I wanted to read and did not have to hunt down book stores or used books, altho the parks always had a library of sorts that you could trade books into and out of, which was nice. But I never got over the need to hold/fondle a book.  I personally just feel the need to have the heft and smell of a book in my hands when reading.  I can share them or trade them or keep them as needed.....
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I hadn't heard that hard books are coming back, but thank goodness if they do. I just don't like holding a device that I have to keep swiping. The upside is that I can enlarge the print, but then I'm reading only a few lines each page. Give me an old fashioned book anyday.

  2. I agree. The retina screen of my iPad Mini was a great reader, but give me a book to hold anytime. Now if we could have the feel of a book and the storage of a iPad Mini/Kindle ... we'd have something. :)

  3. I loved my books, but the Kindle is so much easier on my hands to hold. Especially in bed. I just don't buy books anymore. Never thought that would be. Loved Forgotten Garden. We read it in my book club. Thanks for reminding me. I am going to read another by that author.