Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Movie Review

Oh, my goodness, this was a gritty, bloody, dirty ride.. a true story.. ( read everything I could get my hands on prior to seeing this movie and if the real person went thru only part of this it was quite the journey for him, physically as well as spiritually)  the cinematography was wonderful, read that it was ONLY filmed with natural light!! Took forever to film as only had one or two hours a day of optimal light.  The music was riveting. and Leonardo DiCaprio was NO pretty boy, let me tell you. And it was cold.. whole thing has snow, ice rain, flowing water.  Brian went with me and thoroughly enjoyed it, thought it should win  all the awards there are.....  Go see it, be dressed warmly and be prepared for the ride!!!!!


  1. The previews have been outstanding. It will definitely be a movie bought on dvd and put on the shelf for multiple viewing. I know, old school technology but that is the way it is living in a rural area with limited data per month. I am paying for the 15Gb out the nose to begin with. I'll head to the theater for the my first viewing of this movie. Thanks for the review.

  2. I did go see it today. I cannot say I liked it, but it was a great movie. I also read up on Mr. Glass prior to seeing the movie. It is deserving of any awards it receives.