Saturday, January 2, 2016


Yep, nothing going on, just settling in to the new year... like there is a change or anything :) but you know.  Have been in a flurry of cleaning the garage and making decisions (so hard for me) and completing the last of the shelves on the north facing wall.  Am really doing pretty good, I think. The make shift closet in my shower in the utility room fell down again and have to DO something with that as have a TON of coats and no where to put them!!! So now they are laying on the chair in my bedroom, nice.....
Been really cold here and have been running furnace and monitor like crazy to stay warm. Also have a heating pad on my chair, which Luci LOVES, but making sure she does not lay directly on in and get burned.... we bundle, sit around with a down vest on.... Oh well, the days are getting longer and Spring will soon be here!!  Am planning a trip to Iowa in the Spring, hopefully, that is something to look forward to.
Had lots of garbage today, they emptied today rather than Friday due to holiday, broke down a bunch of cardbrd boxes!!!! And stuff that did not really need, cards I made from 2008, did not even know I had them, so why keep? Some were cute and friends can be expecting some correspondence!! Ha!
Doing laundry
Had so much food and sweets here that some of it turned bad.... so sad to waste, but can't eat it all :)
Just going along, doing what I can... reading and cleaning, dogs in and out....
Take Care All & God Bless
Happy New Year to one and all


  1. It sounds so miserable in the cold. I'm sure hoping it warms up for you and Luci. I really need to do some cleaning out around here. Just can't seem to work up the enthusiasm. Have a great 2016.

  2. Even though you say it's "nothing", it sounds like something and that you have been busy. Happy and healthy 2016 to you, Loree!

  3. It's cold here in Sacramento too, and I will probably choke when I see the next utility bill.

  4. Here I thought I was the only one that sat in my house with a down vest on!! :)

    1. Ha, ha.. that seems to be a 'normal' occurence here! Supposed to warm up to the mid 30 end of this week tho!! whooeee.... How about those football games, huh? It was a sad day here in Mudville when the Ducks lost in 3rd OT tho.... sad, sad, sad... Son says they don't normally come thru in a 'clinch' tho.... but still was hopeful. He is for TCU :( Rose and sugar Bowls were SO one sided, like a closer game than that runaway...

  5. Exciting! You are coming to Iowa! When?????