Friday, January 22, 2016


Am feeling 'back to normal' yesterday and today. I even cleaned my filthy house , washed, went to grocery store and post office, got gas.. the line to wash the car was too long for me to be patient, so will try another day, maybe earlier in the day.
The generic of Prilosec is omeprazole AND you can get it over the counter!! why did not anyone tell me this??? Had to hear it from nurse friend in Iowa (thanx Carol)  BUT  I take 40 mg, store only carries 20mg, so would have to take 2 capsules and 42 pills costs almost $20, I get the 40mg thru insurance for $19 and get 90...sooooo, the prescription is more cost effective and have to deal with the hassle, but maybe they have it figured out now and in future things will go smoothly!!???  As I am sure it will.  Have NEVER had this issue with Walgrens before. I started going there as they are nationwide and in the RV I needed all my prescriptions at the time- monthly and they would transfer from one to the other and communicate with the doctor at home with no problem, like I said it went very smoothly, no matter where I was and there was even a store in little Navarre, Fl where I spent the Winter. So am hesitant to go elsewhere and feel I can work with them  :)  Will see....
Take Care All and thanks for all the comments and concern...
I don't get reflux or heartburn, thank heavens, and think the meds are prescribed due to the ulcer I had in August (which I no longer have) but I think it coats the stomach or something so that it does not go reject, reject, reject.... hahaha :) and apparently it works and I just have to be more diligent in getting it when I am supposed to and taking it as prescribed :) I had gone two weeks w/o thinking all would be ok and apparently that is not the case, I always seem to have to have a hard jolt to get my attention and DO like it is suggested I do (by doctors)  So lesson learned....
Again thank you all- Take Care and God Bless


  1. Yes glad you are feeling better.

  2. That's amazing that a prescription is more cost effective than the OTC. It is probably better as well, as I have heard that the OTC isn't always exactly the same as the Rx. Anyway, lucky for you that you found out about the cost comparison.

  3. The road through the medical field is always cluttered with confusion and a lot of curves ahead. No one ever has a straight answer and the costs are different everywhere for the same medicine.