Sunday, February 14, 2016


At 9am!!  Walked in local 5K in Redmond.  the golf course is really beautiful , sort of hilly... but fun to walk... weather was good, had rained in the night and the pavement was damp, but skitter clouds and wind is all there was.  Not to terrible cold, even worked up a little sweat.  Took me one hour and 9 minutes.. BUT I finished, may have been one of the last ones in and everyone already left, but I finished.  You know I am going as fast as I can, even trying to speed it up and still get passed right and left  :)  ah well, it was fun and I know where I need to isolate some muscles that need hardening up!!! Geez oh pete, thought I would seize up!!! But just kept on going and di it!!!  Can't wait for more to walk.... ever the optimist...haha
All I wanted when I got home was to sit in my chair and have a big old cup of coffee (with my hazelnut creamer)  well, lo and behold 'someone' had used the last of it and had left the house, so could not even complain to anyone, but had to go to the store and get more, no rest right away...
Take Care All and God Bless
Hope you all had a great Valentine's day!!!


  1. We did a 5K in Nov in Texas-it is embarrassing how far back in the pack we were:(

  2. Good job. Its been a long time since I walked in a 5k - maybe I need to find one to do.

  3. It isn't how long you took, its all about you finished. Good Job