Friday, February 5, 2016


Oh, there was a bitter wind blowing today, BUT the mountains were beautiful, sorry, no pics..  but just enough clouds to make interesting shadows and sunlight on them. They all have TONS of snow. Today took dogs for a bath and nail trim in Bend. Got more oranges and some pistachios. Then to an estate sale, great house with view in the hills West of Redmond. Views to the East, so saw the city lights and the Ochocos and Smith Rock.  Another trip to Fred's (local grocery store) had to get 'stuff' for dip and going to make those bacon wrapped Kielbasa again, those were SO good... Yum.... for Super Bowl Sunday!!!
Next week have appts for taxes and upkeep for me, stamp club and 5K on Sunday.. So will be busy... have been going to the gym and yoga, 3 days this week and treadmill, blew it off this morning tho, just could not get self up.... I like long lazy mornings, coffee and the paper or reading, hard to jump up and get going and be active :(  Oh,well...
Take Care

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