Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oh!!! Spring!!!

 Am walking Luci..she is NOT happy... more a pull... and LOOK what I saw this morning in my yard!!!

My heavens... love, love, love the harbingers of Spring in the AIR!!! Are they not so very beautiful!!!

Luci is going to be 11 this year.... and her teeth are really bad, have always tried to DO things to help in that regards, all the things u are supposed to, to promote good teeth and gums, but apparently not good enough.  She needs two big ones on top taken out (broken), and she has again gained weight, so are on an austerity diet, less treats, more carrots, she likes them fortunately and walking... which she hates, more likely than not, she wants to wander slowly, smelling and rolling in unspecified matter, which is distressing, I keep telling her 'lets go!!', she more or less heeds a deaf ear.  I swear..... so it is not much of an enjoyable time, and have not found the right harness for her either as don't want to be pulling on her neck like with just a collar.... and what I have (three of them) just pulls off her head or catches behind her front legs and the whole thing snags there in a bunch and does not entice to propel her forward.. for such a little thing (really, I mean she does not weigh 100# or even 50#) she can sure put the skids on if she does not want to move....

 Here we have daffy's coming up!!! They are in a really protected place. I have put my little fence up in back so Carl does not get in the Iris and they have a chance to get up, and they are starting too!! Wish I knew what to do to make them bloom, I get lots of greenery and no bloom hardly at all.
How do daffodils know that Easter is early this year?? And we need them?

Here is rhubarb coming up!!! Hope I get lots and lots, that would be so very cool!!

More crocus, they are just so darn pretty....

But you know realistically, it is pretty brown out there, have LOTS of little violas coming up, they seed like crazy and I let them go as they are pretty for awhile, then I tear them all out and they come back year after year, well, so far they have :) Right now they are ALL over the side yard where the garden is to be.... I was thinking what with tax returns and all I could get my fence up, but now have dog teeth to pay for. soooooo.. that is probably not happening this year, will see.  Want to travel too. But will have to see, have not been to the beach coming on a year now.... :(  so sad, some years remember going 3-4 times... ah well. home is a good place and what we make of it, right?

Have to mention I went to Prineville Follies with friend, Tanya Friday, what an enjoyable evening, it is a talent show I guess.  It is really amazing what talent there is in the community!!! Just walking among us!!! Singing, dancing, guitar, skits, it was so much fun...

Well Take Care All and God Bless.. may things be bright and cheery in your space of earth...


  1. Lovely promises of spring and Easter! The Follies was great!

  2. You better travel this year.......

  3. I declared winter was over here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana the other day ... I a glad to see your post today confirmed it.

  4. Love your flowers. They are beautiful. Hope Luci can continue to eat carrots with her teeth. I know when people get old carrots and apples become difficult.

  5. If you google Dachshund accessories you can find a harness made just for them. I went through so many harness's to have the same problem they just slip off.

    Love the flowers

  6. Love that you have things coming up in the yard. So far you are way ahead of us. I shall have to look deeper into my backyard for early bloomers! I feel your financial pain, cannot DO everything! Sure would like to though!

  7. Love all the springtime flowers.