Monday, March 28, 2016


Mississippi is flooding... think it crested today tho, so it is not getting too awfully high or as high as it can get, BUT there are some places we wanted to go and could not as roads were closed.

There were some empty parked cars right by here, so people had gotten out and walked across this... don't think I wanted to do that!! And the river was running by really fast.... is getting into low places, but not breached any walls that have been built up to prevent flooding in places....
We went to a really big great quilt store in Muscastine today - no pictures allowed, they have lots of wool and fabric of course and samples of 'things'- quilts, hanging about.  Had I not LOTS of things I have not even started this would have been the place to pick up more 'stuff'  :)
It was a wonderful, bright, sunny day, so warm did not need a jacket.
When we got back to Davenport, got my face 'threaded' and am now as smooth as anything, with NO peach fuzz on the face at all.. wish we had some people in C.O. that did that I would do it ALL the time.  Am going to go again before I leave for home!!!!  :)

Take Care All & God Bless