Friday, March 4, 2016

Pick Up Illness

Look at these little pine cones on the little tree we planted a couple years ago, there were the sweetest little green cones and now they have gone to seed? Weird looking.

Having 'issues' with my little pick up- Ford Ranger1995.. the battery won't stay charged.... put it on the charger for a couple hours and goes right off.. then a couple days later won't start... was not always like this.  Has a battery that is 2 yrs old, altinator was replaced april 2011... last night I put it on the charger, then this morning took it to Les schwab, that is where I got the battery.  they hooked it all up and it was happy, nothing at all wrong with it, cells all fine, altinator was doing what it was supposed to, said I needed to drive it more, or start it up and let it run every couple of days. Did not have to do that before.. drug the thing all over the US with the RV and no probs.. just the last year there has been issues....
 Been thinking of getting a different pick-up, want a Ford 250, put a camper on it and be good to go, have looked at some that were nice, can get to be TOO nice, and too expensive, need a used one for sure.  Would hope I could trade RV for one????  :( but don't know how that would work, am sure will never get out of the RV what I have put into it!!! And want a real 'hunk' of a pick-up, one that looks like a beast haha, 4 wheeldrive, low miles and get it for a song,, yea, like that is possible huh? Could trade my little one for it, but then probably not get out of it what I paid for it, there again, too... ah, well, think I keep things for too long a time, past their 'due' date... hahahaha, I know some people trade every couple of years, but then bet they always have a payment too, I like not having a payment!!!!  maybe I should just be satisfied with what I have.....
Take Care All


  1. I know how frustrating it can be with a vehicle you can't rely on. I have found that electrical gremlins are best sorted out by an auto electric shop. Find one that ONLY does auto electric. Believe it or not, I had the same issue, and they found that a light in the glove box had been staying ind all the time. Small fix and relatively cheap !

  2. If you find that 4wd pick up at a great price, see if they have two.

  3. If you find that 4wd pick up at a great price, see if they have two.

  4. The ex has a black F150, 4 wheel drive, second seat, 3 door, trailer hitch, very, very low miles, black.......always has been serviced and taken care of; a good buy.

  5. Sounds like a parasitic electrical drain. Likely a short somewhere. Usually hard to find but then easy and cheap to fix.