Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Well, threading is a way to get rid of facial hair... usually it is East Indian ladies that I have run across that do it, and they use thread somehow and twist it about this way and that and it jerks the hair out, I have my WHOLE face done.  AND it feels as smooth as a babies butt, I swear.. just LOVE having it done... and hope to find a place in Redmond. Carol went on line and found a couple that do it, don't ask why i could not have done it, guess I did not think of it... and yes, it does tweak and hurt a little. BUT nothing is as bad as childbirth, right??? And Mom always told me that sometimes beauty hurts... But I just love the smooth feel and NO peach fuzz..... (is this TMI???)

Take Care All

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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Don't think I'll have done any time soon though. :)