Monday, April 18, 2016

A Blooming in Iowa

Lots of hyacinth in the yard, different colors

 Also lots of different daffodils. These pictures were all taken in Carol's yard area.  Her landlords spend lots of time, planting, mowing, cleaning... and everything looks so pretty and new and promising

This is the 74 bridge in Davenport, they are working on replacing it..  it is so pretty but I guess in bad shape.  have taken out lots of roadway and houses and businesses to make room for all the work they are going to have to do.

I do, truly love this time of year and seeing what comes up and what just does not have the heart to continue on.  bulbs tend to do so well here and at home.  Here they are in all the little vales and swells of the land, corners and borders.. so colorful and smelly and pretty...

Are these redbuds???

These are hostas coming up, I think...

Her new mailbox cover. so bright and cheery

Think this is an oriole????  Black bird with orange stripes on the wings, there are many birds here, some with lovely, weird song, and bright early morning chirping, BUT I don't really actually SEE any of them, altho this morning I did finally see a cardinal, but just try getting a picture of them, Carol tries to feed the birds, but has an ongoing, bitter fight with the squirrels, there are black and reddish ones here, and many of them!!! I find them very cute, love their antics, Carol is not happy with them AT ALL...   This is my one bird picture....
Take Care All And God Bless


  1. Love all the flowers wish they would grow here.

  2. Davenport is home to yellow wing, red wing and orange wing black birds. You can see all 3 of them down by the Bettendorf landing on the River walk.