Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Went to 1st to Albany, Il, as saw a necklace a couple days ago in our discovering travels I found I could not live without :(, then on to Bishop Hill, Illinois... which is a really neat little town, with crafts people, pottery, broom making, weaving, baskets.. and a general store that has these cute little elves from Sweden that I had to have... lovely lunch, potato soup, cabbage rolls, homemade bread and bread pudding

More buildings in Bishop Hill.

Then on to Geneseo, Il.. lots of 'stuff' but nothing I could not live without.. haha

Lovely, huge farms in the corn fields...

HUGE farms in the corn fields... they were starting to plow moving equipment here and there, Working on the I80 bridge, Rock River Bridge. AND the 74 bridge, that we spend all of our time planning to NOT go over as it is crawling long and traffic is horrid... it takes some planning, there are not that many bridges across the Mississippi and when they are working on most of them, it takes planning and persistence....
It is a beautiful bridge and it is getting warmer guys....  very happy about that, even took my jacket off throughout the day!!!! Wore sunglasses....
We are off to Minnesota and Mall of America in St Paul tomorrow.  Plan on making the trek home on the 20th..... Do not look forward to joining the ranks of I80 with all the freight trucks and dodging in and out amongst them for days at a time.... oh well, I am lucky I can travel
Take Care All


  1. So where are the cute little things you bought? Nice to read the weather is nice enough for you to enjoy your last few days there

  2. Love Bishop Hill and the bakery is awesome!

  3. I want to see a picture of the necklace!

  4. I want to see a picture of the necklace!