Saturday, April 23, 2016


1st sign that mentions Bend.... still in Ontario.  There was no Starbuck's BUT there was Dutch Bros, I ordered a large and must have gotten a quart of iced coffee!!! Lasted all the way home, but caused me to find some interesting places to potty :)  When not on the freeway there are no rest stops.... There is a community rest room in Dayville and then the state park West of John Day, other than that a person needs to be creative :)

Near the Unity area there were these old houses, the gate was down, so I meandered behind the buildings. There was a 'no trespassing' sign, but I was just taking pics, right??? The place on the right had strange sounds coming out of it.... uh-oh and my imagination went into full gear.  It felt and sounded like it was 'breathing'  on further investigation, there is a picture below of the inside, it was covered in bird do-do.... and am sure it was a nesting place for birds/doves..quite a few of them it would seem, a couple flew out....

I just can. not. imagine. living out here all by myself, trying to make a go of it....


Doesn't it look spooky tho??? Tried for a dark, brooding angle....

Mountains just before Prairie City

I really should have stopped and took more flower picture, out of Vale before climbing up out of the valley there were quite a few, but you know, you are making good time, no traffic and there is no place to stop.  Once you see a good shot there is no pull out and at the pull outs, no flowers,  but light lupines and yellow, pale and bright, tons...all over.. could see the yellow batches on distant hills and folds in the sage

This was almost to the top of the Ochocos East of Prineville, there was a fire in there a year or so ago and the undergrowth is coming in really good, but all the black, barren trees is really sad... and it was raining like crazy, the little stream up there was running wild for sure...

This was another place I stopped at , jumped a small heard of deer, they were probably upset with me, to disturb them..  Also saw a couple deer  just out of Vale and four beautiful antelope in the valley before Mitchell..

Wasn't this a pretty place?  This fence was all along the creek, maybe to keep animals out of it? There was no park there, but it looked very park like and the road was decent into there, well you know, dirt, some gravel, not muddy, pine trees and the birches just leafing out. Very quiet and serene.  There are quite a few camps along here, no one in them and no fences blocking them off. (between Unity and Prairie City, Ochoco NF)
Got home at noon, Brian helped me bring everything into the house, then had to find a place for it all, put water on the back yard and chunked out all the little cottonwood trees, trying to get a start from all the roots back there.  There are SO many weeds, will take days to get them all out, have been going out off and on and pulling some here and there in between cleaning house and doing laundry, dogs in/out.  Did I say what a vacation it was to NOT have to do that, to just let me be me, not worry about them and their continual needs  :)..  ah well.... that is my life... hahaha
Luci was beside herself with joy... BUT she would not sleep with me last night.. has to show me who is boss here, and how upsetting this whole thing has been,  tonight she is all tucked in here beside me and happy as a clam.. apparently.
Had grocery shopping to do today, get car washed and de-bugged, post office trip, out of gas too. There is always something to do...........
But I am home, life is good, things are getting in order and the nice Loree smell is restored to the house, no longer smells of dog and boy..... :)  well, yes that is true
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Welcome home. It's always great to get back even after a spectacular trip. Your photos today are absolutely beautiful, especially the one of the spooky brooding looking cabin.

  2. I really like the one with the snow covered mountains.

  3. I am glad to hear that you arrived home safe and sound.

  4. I am glad to hear that you arrived home safe and sound.